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Puppy Toilet Training Tips

08/01/2019 - Puppies

Toilet Training Tips for Puppies

Having a puppy isn’t easy, and for anyone that has had children, you can draw a lot of similarities between the two. 

If you are struggling, or concerned on what to put your focus into, then you’re not alone. 

Some quick tips

•    Try not too focus too much on toilet training, it is important but the more you stress, the longer it can take as you can make the event stressful for your puppy. (“every time I go to the loo, I get picked up, shouted at or chucked outside” )

Encourage your puppy to follow you outside after:
•    They walk up
•    Every Half Hour (unless asleep)
•    Every meal
•    A training session,
•    If they have been playing

Encourage them outside with a nice piece of food, getting them to follow you out is more beneficial than you picking them up and taking them out, I'm not saying never to pick them up, but as much as you can avoid it, its a lot more beneficial for puppy.  

Slow down, and go with them, trying to speed them up, getting stressed etc can make the process longer.

Stay out there with them, some can take a while before they find their perfect spot, as soon as they finish say ‘Yes’ or ‘Good’ and give them a treat where you are happy for them to go. 

Puppy pads can make the process longer as they still learn to go inside, there is no harm in using them, but often puppy will end up playing with them, and potentially making a lot of mess. 

Be careful not to:

Pick them up half way through going, or even if they have just started to go, this will teach your puppy to look to go in places where they aren’t able to be picked up. 

Tell them off for going inside, you will teach them to go when you are not around, and they may only go outside if you are not there, or on the end of a lead. 

Toilet Training often takes longer in the Autumn and Winter, it’s a lot easier in the spring/summer to have doors open, and as humans waiting around for a puppy to go when its warm outside is different to if it is freezing. 

If you are struggling there are reasons some take longer than others: 

Nervous/Anxious – For some puppies they are scared about leaving their scent around for potential preditors, and therefore feel uncomfortable to go outside, for puppies like this its all about increasing the value of your outside space through games and training to help them to feel safe outside. 

Some don’t want to if attached to a lead, if safe to do so in garden, drop or remove the lead. 

Some puppies won’t go whilst out on a walk, and would prefer to go when they feel safe back at home, again this comes with confidence as they grow up. 

Some dogs do not like/are scared of the weather, therefore they don’t want to go outside when its cold, wet or windy. Again take your time, encourage them outside with food, if you can provide a sheltered area, but again don’t panic, especially if they go outside when the weather is nice, they just need time to grow up and not be so worried about the weather. 




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