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I have a new Puppy - What Next

21/01/2019 - Puppies

So you, like many are just starting out on your journey with you and your puppy, congratulations! 

There are so many questions that new owners have - 

Where should they sleep? 
What should they eat? 
How often should we go to them? 
How do we start toilet training? 
My puppy is biting, how do I stop it? 
My puppy is crying at night, what shall I do?
How often should I let my puppy out? 
How do I socialise my puppy? 
How do I know when my puppy is over tired? 
How much sleep does my puppy need? 
How do I stop my puppy chewing? 

We will, over the next few weeks discuss these to be able to help any of you out there with a new puppy. 

Having a puppy isn't easy, in fact it can be very tiring, and sometimes over whelming. Its important that you recognise a lot of the issues you have compared to others can simply be down to personality and the energy levels of the dog. 

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