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Becoming a Dog Trainer

01/05/2019 - Latest News

For anyone starting out on their Dog Training Journey: 

In some ways its a lot easier these days, but in other ways I think its actually harder for people wanting to become a dog trainer.

There is a absolute tonne of information out there on dog training, hundreds of books, websites, and many organisations, which could potentially be over whelming for you. 

I promise you, it does get easier and you get to a point where you know what you know as you have the experience as your evidence, and you no longer take everything you read as gospel. You are able to question what people say, even experts, and have your own opinions. 

We are all on a learning curve, and all seeking new/better ways to train our dogs. Any of us can attend a seminar/workshop or conference and one sentence from someone  can have a huge impact on how we train and how we approach our work. 

There are lots of different opinions in the Dog Training world, some believe you should train your dogs a lot, and others believe you shouldn't. Neither is right or wrong, both will put forward a good argument. 

Some believe all dogs should have a job, others believe they shouldn't. 

Some people swear by a raw diet, others don't. 

Social media is where its going to confuse you the most. You can read someones opinion on something, see it as gospel, and then read another that contradicts it, as you develop you can decide for yourself. Read what people are saying, but also remember a lot of the time it is opinions.

My advice (Its only my advice, others may not agree) is: 

Find a organisation that you like the feel of, and the ethics etc are in line with how you feel, and study with them initially. Reading the books that they recommend, and following the protocols they suggest. Once you have a understanding of dog training, you can then look to see what courses etc are out there. 

Once you have done this, then it doesn't hurt to go on other courses, but always be ready for something you have previously been taught to be suggested to be taught in a different way, or may be different from the person mentoring you.  It doesn't make either way wrong, just different ways. If something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't, go away and research when you are home. 

If you can, find a mentor, someone you can ask questions too, have discussions with and trust in what they are doing. 

Remember all dogs are different, therefore having more tools is definitely beneficial. 

Most importantly work daily and study dogs, different dogs, different sizes, breeds etc. You will find somethings that don't make sense with what you have learnt, but this is where you find out why and what you can do about it. 

Try not to get wrapped up in facebook debates and arguments, I promise there will be a time when you can read debates, arguments etc and have your own opinions, and confidence in yourself that what you do works. 

This is my opinion - Although there isn’t always a right and a wrong way, I do believe there is never a need to train with Force or Fear. Be kind, build a relationship and have fun! 


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