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A Challenge for you and your dog.

08/01/2019 - Puppies


I have a challenge for all of you with a dog:

List all the things your dog loves, what they love to do, who they love to be with, what they love to play with etc.

Then list everything that may stress your dog out, what worries them, what they don’t enjoy, what they react to, everything that potentially changes the way they feel in a negative way. Being told off, and made to stop doing what they enjoy is also on this list. How many times a day do you say No etc.

Now, think of your dogs life as a set of scales, credits one side, and debits the other. Does your dog pay into the credits (positive) side more than the negative side? Do they get to do what they love on a daily basis? Do they spend a lot of time getting anxious/stressed etc? Where do they love to walk?

Now in order for our dogs to have fun enriched lives, the more we can pay into the credits, and reduce the debits the better they are going to feel, and in turn this can help with behaviour. I understand its not possible to constantly be doing what our dogs love or we wouldn’t be able to work, but as much as possible pay into the credits side. If you have a highly aroused (hyper) dog, then go careful you don’t do too much high arousal stuff, and make sure you do a lot more sniffy fun with them. For more info please get in touch.

Let us know your thoughts.🙂

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