About Us

This is exactly why we started the Family Dog Club...
We understand how stressful and overwhelming it can feel, combined with everyone giving you their opinion, and search engines offering conflicting advice, it can become a complete headache very quickly for many.
Having both grown up around animals, Gavin and I have always had a passion for pets.  As a young boy, Gavin loved to be involved with training the family dogs and when we met in 1999 - our passion for the ultimate family pet continued to develop.  It wasn't long before we both knew in our hearts that our future had to involve working with dogs.  
We became addicted to studying everything and anything we could find on the most effective methods to train (and treat) dogs.  However, much of what we found, was quite conflicting and with so much information available - it was difficult to find an approach we felt comfortable with.  
Over time, we took the very best of what worked, but still felt like something  was missing.  We just knew there was another level and continued to develop our methods.  This was when we discovered that dog training is much more than just training dogs...
...It's about connecting with the owners so they are able to understand why their dog does what they do, and building a relationship that continues throughout their life.
The truth is, the more you understand your dog the easier they are to train, and the more they want to train with you.
Since setting up 'Southern Pet Services Ltd' in 2013, teaching owners the 'human element' of dog training has been at the heart of everything we do.  As a result, has helped us to become one of the south's leading training and behavioural academies for dogs.
To this day, Gavin and I are even more passionate than ever to share our experience and knowledge with others.  We are so proud of our unique approach by incorporating the emotional connection to create a life bond between owners and pets.  Whilst at the same time using 100% Force Free Methods to build trust and a lasting, loving relationship the whole family can be proud of.

Meet The Team

   Jeanette, Director

  Gavin, Director

Courses and Continued Personal Development (CPD)

  • Mentorship Programme with Steve Mann from Who let the Dogs out and the founder of the IMDT
  • Mentorship Programme with Dave Brice head of Behaviour for the IMDTB
  • IMDTB (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and Behaviourists ) – 3 Day Assessment ***Passed, Full Members***
  • IMDTB – Assessment Prep Day (1 Day)
  • IMDTB – Compulsive Behaviours (2 Days)
  • IMDTB – Separation Anxiety (2 Days)
  • IMDTB – Consultation and Follow up Reporting (2 Days)
  • IMDTB – Resource Guarding (2 Days)
  • IMDTB - Impulse Control 
  • Dog to Human Aggression - School of Canine Science (2 Days)
  • 2 Day Introduction to BAT 2.0
  • Membership Assessment IMDT ***Passed, Full members***
  • 3 Day 2016 IMDT Conference
  • Career as a Dog Trainer IMDT (2 Days)
  • Practical Instructors Course IMDT (4 Days)
  • 5 Day Force Free Trick Trainers Instructors Course IMDT
  • 5 Day Rescue Puppy Course IMDT Spain
  • 5 Day Nose work and Scent Detection IMDT Spain
  • 3 Day Tracking Course IMDT
  • Agility Instructors Course IMDT (5 Days)
  • Canine Aggression and Rehabilitation Course IMDT
  • Perfect Puppy Course IMDT
  • Canine Body Language Course IMDT
  • Happy Loose Leaders IMDT
  • Bite Work Course IMDT
  • 6 Day T-Touch Practitioners Course
  • A number of 1 Day T-Touch Courses
  • Bite Prevention Seminar
  • Modern, Low Stress Handling and Husbandry - Chirag Patel
  • K9 First Aid
  • Proprioception 1 Day Seminar with Sam Turner
  • Pat Tagg - Stuff that gets your dog going
  • Pat Tagg - Tracking Course 
  • 3 Day 2017 IMDT Conference
  • PTSD Therapy Course
  • IMDTB Impulse Control 
  • Karen Wild Seminar
  • Kay Attwood Platform Training
  • PPG - Predatory Behaviour
  • Absolute Dogs Pro Trainer 10 week Course
  • Absolute Dogs Pro Trainer NBN Dogs
  • 6 Day Accredited Scent Instructor Course (UKCSD)
  • 2018 IMDT Conference
  • Isla Fishburn 1 day Course
  • Resource Guarding - PACT
  • Tracking and Scent Course - Pat Tagg
  • Full Members of the IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) –
  • Accredited Behaviourist under the IMDTB (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers and Behaviourists).
  • UKCSD Scent Instructor
  • Student member of The International Society of Animal Professionals   
  • Mentor for the Victoria Stilwell Academy of Dog Trainers
  • Full member of the PPG (Pet Professional Guild)
  • Qualified as a Pro Dog Trainer through Absolute Dogs
  • Open College Network Level III qualification 'Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour
  • Open College Network Level IV Accreditation under the IMDTB, 'Canine Behaviour Modification and Consultancy'
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