Training and Behaviour Services and Packages.
The main difference between a Behaviour session and a Training session, is whether we are working on changing behaviour due to their being issues or we are teaching our dogs something new. The two do overlap, for example if we are working with reactivity we want to work on changing the behaviour of reacting, but we also want to teach them alternative behaviours instead, which is training. Therefore for some dogs we may recommend the initial consultation as a behaviour consultation (£90 + VAT) for 1.5-2 hours and then further training sessions with Gavin. For Gun Dogs the training sessions will be based around gun dog work, for herding breeds we may play a herding game, and/or scent work session, and for others fun engaging training.
If you are looking to:
Teach your dog to come when called
Stop your dog jumping up
Stop your dog pulling on their lead (this can sometimes be due to anxiety, so will chat to you first)
Get more focus
Retrieve Items
Learn new tricks
Then you are looking for a training session. Training sessions are with Gavin and are approx. 1 hour, unless your dog tires sooner. You will be given a video or email with the plan going forward and what to do at home. These are priced at (£60 + VAT = £72)
If your dog:
Struggles in some situations
Barks, Lunges at other dogs or people
Shows aggression towards other dogs or people
Guards Items or food (even as a puppy)
Struggles to be left alone
Barks at things in the home and garden
Then we are dealing with behaviour as behind all of the behaviours listed above is a emotion, often fear, anxiety or stress and we need to change this as well as working on the training. Behaviour Consultations are carried out in your home and are between 1-2 hours long. We come into your home, ask you lots of questions, try to get a picture of whats happening. We then explain everything to you in terms of what is going on, and what changes can be made to help your dog. We will give you advice on
Control and Management: What equipment may be needed, where to put it and how to manage your dog in different situations. What changes you can make now that will help in the home, for example changing where they sleep. (there isn’t always changes to be made, it is also only advice)
Theory: This to me is the most important, giving you a clear picture of how dogs learn, and why they act in a certain way. We will talk about body language, trigger stacking, stress and how it effects the dogs, how long it takes them to recover from stress. As well as anything else related to the behaviour.
Enrichment and Games: This is a very important part of the process, if we can create more positive synapsis in the brain by giving our dogs more to do, helping them to over come challenges and to use their brains this can have a positive effect on their behaviour, stress and anxiety levels. We will also give you fun training games to play with your dog.
Training: For some dogs, especially if they are very stressed or anxious we will get you to work on the above for a couple of weeks as training may be too much initially, if this is the case then we work on the training when you meet up with Gavin for a training session. If I feel the dog can cope or the training needs to start now I will give you a training plan to work through.
As you can see from the above working with dogs and their behaviour is far more than just training them.
Reactive Dogs
Working with reactive dogs often means that as well as working outside with what they are reacting too (dogs, people, cars) we also like to do the initial consultation in the dogs home, as often there are things in the home we can change which will help to make the difference.
If your dog is very reactive and unable to tolerate people or dogs from a distance we get you to come to our enclosed area.
With reactivity we like to work out a training plan which often looks like:
Initial Consultation in your home (£90) – We give you a training booklet and email with what to work on.
Often Reactive dogs are trigger stacked from road walking, and coming in contact with what worries them. We like to give the dogs a couple of weeks to try and bring their stress levels down, by giving you some games to play with them, enrichment and observation of their body language.
We then ask you to come to our enclosed venue for the 2nd consultation (£72) where by we will start to work around other dogs or people giving you tools to deal with situations when out and about, and what to do when your dog starts to react.
Based on what we think or feel we then recommend a package of either 2, 3 or 4 more sessions (£120, £150, £190).

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