Puppies - 
We have a number of options for anyone with a puppy: 
The Puppy Training Academy - £79 (Including a free 30 min zoom call to get you up and running) 
Online Puppy Training for you and your puppy. This is a 6 week puppy training course, teaching you all you need to know about having a new puppy. As well as the training videos there are a number of behaviour videos which discuss puppy problems, how to deal with them, as well as preventing issues in the future. You will also have access to a members only Facebook group in which we have regular discussions about puppy training and behaviour and you can ask us questions at any time. For complex issues or those with the potential to escalate, we would suggest a zoom chat with one of our trainers and/or joining one of our behavioural support packages.
Puppy Training Classes - £144 (Including The Puppy Training Academy) - 
We run 8 week training classes, in person when we are able to and online on Zoom if we are in a lockdown, or the weather is horrendous (Very rainy and windy). These classes are on Saturday mornings in Exbury, in a large enclosed area outside. As well as teaching you to train your puppy, we also spend time discussing how to overcome behaviour problems and build confidence and resilience in your puppy to get it right from the beginning. When the classes are in person, there is also the additional benefit of them being around other dogs and people (socialising) and it being a positive experience. 
Zoom Puppy Consultation - £35 
We arrange a zoom call to discuss all things puppy related with you, go through your set up, discuss common puppy problems, and answer any questions that you have. We also chat about what to start with in terms of training, and what to do going forward. You will then be offered the Puppy Training Academy at a reduced cost of £30 should you wish to join. 
In Person Puppy Consultation - £60
We come out to your home, talk about your set up, equipment, any puppy issues you may be having, how to prevent issues going forward. We will assess your puppy and advise you how to socialise your puppy based on what we see and how we can support you with this. With the in person consultation, you will be offered access to the Puppy Training Academy at the reduced price of £39 
Puppy Packages - £150 for 3 sessions, or £60 a session
One-to-one training packages involving 3 sessions for £150 or individual sessions at £60. These will be approximately 45 minutes but are tailored to how much your puppy can cope with. We want to set puppies up for good experiences so if your puppy can only cope with 20 mins in the first session, we will split one of these sessions into 2. We will also make recommendations of what we do in the other sessions depending on the individual puppy. We will tailor experiences including training location according to what we think your puppy would benefit from, for example that might be confidence around people or animals, focus around other dogs or coping with traffic. 
Puppy Group Training/Socialising Walks £20 per puppy (30/45 mins) £70 if a block of 4 weeks is purchased. 
We will walk with you in Exbury Gardens in small groups with a maximum of 4 puppies. There will be 2 of us trainers so we can ensure we are able to work with each puppy and give you individual attention to meet their needs. They will also benefit from spending time with our calm, older dogs for socialising and communication skills. We will discuss behaviour and training on these walks. These walks are perfect for puppies needing extra socialising, and/or for older puppies who have been in classes and looking for the next step including how to get through adolescence.

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